Velocity Hospital considered as the best urology hospital in Surat. The department has a team of Kidney stone treatment specialists, an Andrologist, Female and Paediatric urologists in Surat.

We also understand the cases where the situation requires extra attention to address the severeness. Global Hospital & Research Institute is equipped with DIALYSIS service, Patients are treated under the supervision of best urologist in Surat. The latest equipment ensures a greater level of quality and safety.

We have an in-house best dialysis center in Surat in which proper dialysis is done of patients suffering from kidney diseases. Dialysis is performed when having toxic waste in the blood and there is not enough proper functioning of kidneys to maintain the body. Our nephrologists do a proper diagnosis of the disease and perform dialysis which is essential for the normal functioning of kidneys as it prevents waste products in the blood from reaching a level where it becomes hard for a person to live a normal life.

The advanced machine used for Dialysis is very safe and staff is qualified to handle the situation.

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Dr Ketan Rupala