Patients’ Rights

RESPECT, PRIVACY & SAFETY: To be treated with Respect, Privacy, Dignity and in a safe environment. 

RESPECT FOR VALUES & BELIEF: To be treated with Respect & regard to individuality, personal values, believes , spiritual and cultural traditions

SAFETY: To be free from all forms of Physical Injury, abuse and neglect.

CONFIDENTIALITY: To expect confidentiality of all records and communications to the extent provided by law

RIGHT TO INFORMATION: To receive information on Diagnosis, Plan of care, Prognosis, Medications, Progress during Hospitalization, / Treatment, post discharge care etc. 

EXPLANATION ABOUT CARE: To be explained about proposed care including diagnostic tests performed, associated risk, alternatives, possible complications, any modification regarding plan of care & expected results of treatment

COST: To know expected cost of treatment

INFORMED CONSENT: To give informed consent before transfusion of Blood/ Blood products, Anaesthesia, Surgery, initiation of any research protocol, Any invasive/ high risk procedure etc. 

RIGHT TO SECOND OPINION : To request for a second opinion from another physician

RIGHT TO REFUSE : To refuse any treatment/ procedure under consent, get discharged on request after being explained about consequences of such refusal

FEEDBACK, SUGGESTION OR COMMENT: To express satisfaction regarding services rendered, or to comment, complain or make suggestion for improvement of quality of care/services

ACCESS TO MEDICAL RECORDS :To request access to his/her clinical records as per hospital policy.

Patients’ Responsibilities

COMPLETE INFORMATION: To Provide complete information about his/her health, including past condition, past illness, hospitalization, medications or any other matter pertaining to his health etc.

COMPLETE DEMOGRAPHIC DETAILS: To provide complete and accurate information regarding his identity, address, insurance cover or  any other information.

ABIDE BY HOSTITAL RULES: To abide by hospital rules & responsibilities- no smoking policy, visitor policy, not to bring outside food, flowers, arms/weapons to the hospital.

MINIMUM LUGGAGE/ FOLLOW INFECTION CONTROL: To keep minimum luggage in the ward for infection prevention and also abide by infection control norms as educated by treating team.

RESPECT & COURTESY FOR OTHERS: To treat other patients, attendants, visitors and hospital staff with courtesy.

INFORM TREATING TEAM: Not to take any medication/alternative therapy without the knowledge of treating team.

PAY FEES: To pay for the services availed as per hospital rules and regulations.

RESPECT FOR OTHERS WHO ARE SICK: To respect criticality and urgent medical condition of other patients, and respect that doctor attends to them first.

FOLLOW PRESCRIBED TREATMENT PLAN: To follow the prescribed treatment plan and carefully comply by the instructions given by treating team.

ACCEPT MEASURES FOR PRIVACY & CONFIDENTIALITY OF RECORDS:  To accept measure taken by the hospital to ensure privacy and confidentiality of medical records.