General Medicine and Infectious Diseases

General medicine department deals and focuses on the diagnosis, prevention and non-surgical treatment of different diseases. 

Our General Medicine department consists of team of doctors who are skilled in diagnosis and treatment of undifferentiated or multisystem diseases. 

This department is usually the first step when a patient visits a hospital for any kind of medical problem or consultation.

All rooms are equipped with central oxygen and suction.

It has backup of 24*7 ICU, emergency, pharmacy, laboratory and radiology services.

Dr Vitrag Shah

Consultant Physician & Chief Intensivist

Critical Care and Emergency Medicine

Dr Rohan Jariwala

Consultant Physician

General Medicine and Infectious Disease

Scope of services


Cough & Cold

Chronic Cough




Ischemic Heart Disease

Stroke (Paralysis)

Thyroid Disorders

Anemia (Low Hemoblogin)

Asthma & COPD



Tuberculosis & HIV

Physician Fitness before Surgery

Fitness Certificate

Health Checkup


Central Line or Dialysis Catheter Insertion

Any other Medical Problem