Nutrition & Dietetics

Nutrition plays a key role in the treatment and management of diseases, either critical illness (ICU/CCU/NICU) or other conditions such as Diabetic mellitus, Hypotension, Cardiac, obesity etc.

Department of Dietetics & Nutrition is functional in the hospital from commencement of hospital services. Good nutrition is vital for good health, disease prevention and essential for healthy growth. Department makes systematic efforts to provide with quality diet to all IPD. OPD consultation is provided by Consultant/Nutritionist/Dietician. Department offers RD (Registered Dietician) internship.

Out Patient Services-: Dietary department has an active OPD consultation schedule and offers professional services. Outpatients are referred either from other speciality consultant or walk-in patients seeking nutritional advice.

In patient services -: Every in-patient receives a visit from the dietician, where patients receive food from hospital or utilizing hospital catering services. The dietician ensure clinical needs with the treating doctor and the patient/patients relatives after taking into consideration their food habits. Therefore, nutritional therapy is planned and provided in a collaborate manner.